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University and Cyberspace, 30 june 2010, a.m. session

Reshaping Knowledge Institutions for the Networked Age

Politecnico di Torino, 2010

Durata: 187 minuti

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Alternativa testuale al video: Conference NEXA@Politecnico di Torino, 28-30 june 2010


The third day will consciously combine the three tracks and the cross-sectional issues with an orientation towards solutions and next steps. The day begins with a high level keynote intended to inform, provoke and energize the participants for the integration of the substance and the generation of actionable insights. This will be accomplished in the final working session of the tracks and in the final roundtable session envisioning potential futures. It may result in the creation of a declaration or some other tangible output.
Wednesday, June 30th
9:30a.m. High Order Bit: “Why Academia Needs to Rediscover the Commons”
Jean Claude Guedon, University of Montreal
9:45a.m. High Level Keynote: "Digital Culture, Network Culture, and What Comes Afterward"
Bruce Sterling
A speculation about what happens when the old idea of "media" as a fixed channel goes away and is replaced by cloudy ideas of "ubiquity" and "augmented reality."
11:30a.m. High Order Bit: “From Elites, To Masses: Drivers of Excellence in Communication, AndParticipation”
David Orban, Humanity+ & Singularity University
Access to the best teachers, the best courses is a given these days of online video, and communities. The silos of specialization have lost their advantage in opposition to interdisciplinary approaches. Breadth first wins over depth first exploration of connections, and opportunities. The combinatorial explosion of interesting possibilities makes it impossible to resist talking, shouting about them in all possible occasions!
11:45a.m. Public universities, public education: From the Bologna Process to Cyberspace
How are universities coping with their public function of education and research? What in terms of social dimension, equitable access and completion, lifelong learning, mobility, funding, international openness?
Ten years after the Bologna Process, the boundaries universities ought to be able to bypass have become wider: cyberspaces and not any longer spaces are now the set of connections, mobility, accessibility. Students discuss on the state of art of the public domain and on the right of a free culture, in a manifesto of ideas and perceptions on the public role and responsibility of high academic institutions on that.
Session Chair: Chiara Basile, Politecnico di Torino

Indice contenuti

  • (00h 00m 00s) Urs Gasser introduce the session
  • (00h 01m 08s) Jean Claude Guedon
  • (00h 26m 23s) Urs Gasser
  • (00h 28m 00s) Bruce Sterling
  • (01h 35m 44s) David Orban
  • (01h 49m 58s) Chiara Basile, Chair (student session)
  • (02h 23m 38s) Juan Carlos de Martin communication
  • (02h 24m 53s) Philippe Aigrain communication

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